• Weather Network of 200+ weather stations located every 5 miles covering 2.3 million acres, with ability to add stations to the network
  • New easy-to-read dashboard
  • Clickable icons for current condition graphs
  • Auto selected weather stations for each field
  • Current radar
  • Historical rainfall maps
  • Hourly historical data
  • Hourly forecasts for air temp, rain, and wind
  • Hail forecast
  • Identical weather stations report wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rain fall, soil temperature, soil moisture every 15 minutes
  • Interactive chart allows grower to look at forecasted and historical data together
  • Historical weather data recorded every 30 minutes for the life of the weather station
  • Predictive growth stages from vegetative to black layer
  • Advanced alert system that allows growers to create customized alerts
  • No setup required! Preloaded with field boundaries and planting dates from monitor data 

N Model:

  • Innovative Solution for Nitrogen Management
  • Advanced Nitrogen charting which can alert growers of possible deficiencies
  • Allows retailers to work with farmers to optimize N on corn through monitoring N availability throughout the season
  • Allows retailers to make more informed recommendations on rates and timing of N applications
  • Uses actual weather station soil data to calculate nitrogen conversion based on the soil probes that measure temperature and water infiltration and percolation throughout the soil
  • Measures Urea, Ammonia and Nitrate levels at four different depths
  • Calculates loss of nitrogen from leaching, volatilization and denitrification
  • Calculates nitrogen entering the soil by Organic and Inorganic sources
  • Measures nitrogen consumption by corn growth stages
  • Quick, easy input of a variety of Nitrogen products, rates and timing
  • Includes options for N-Serve, N-Instinct and Urease Inhibitor
  • Two types of visual displays for the grower
  • Growers have the ability to run scenarios based on weather forecasts
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